1. Mathways Five

  2. 31 Jan 2014

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    The Science of Stress


    The Science of Stress for Experience Life magazine.


  3. ModTO Giveaway

    Modern Toronto is giving away two Textbook Example prints. To win, just sign up for their newsletter!

  4. 2 Oct 2013

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    Creative Agent: Textbook Example

    Textbook Example is featured as today’s Creative Agent on ModTO.
    Here are five things that keep me inspired.

    1. Look Around 

    A British series of shorts parodying science education programmes of the 1980s. The deadpan humour ranges from the preposterous (germs originated in Germany) to the plausible (made up lab equipment like the “Besselheim plate”).

    The colours, design, set, props, music and wardrobe is all period-perfect. You could easily mistake it for the real thing, and you’d never guess it was made in 2002.

    Comedy inspires me because it plays on our expectations, weaves disparate ideas together, and mixes fact & fiction often revealing greater truths.

    2. Monocle

    My favourite magazine, Monocle covers global affairs, business, culture & design. They champion the little guy—the entrepreneur, the artisan, the craftsman, the do-ers and makers—as the real power of a country, the cultural currency.

    The writing is smart, the design is timeless and the printing is beautiful.

    3. The Venture Bros.

    An animated television series inspired by 80s staples like Jonny Quest, The Hardy Boys and G.I. Joe, set amongst crumbling modernism and the broken dreams of the jet age.

    I love everything about this show: failed super scientists, licensed arch-enemies, unionized costumed henchmen, unhelpful helper robots, super modernist labs, ridiculous secret lairs, and countless pop culture references.

    4. The Visual Display of Quantitative Information

    Written by Edward R. Tufte, a professor emeritus of political science, statistics and computer science, this is the bible for visually communicating data and information accurately and truthfully.

    The book reads like a crotchety old man telling you to get off his lawn, if his lawn were charts and infographics. He rips “chart junk” to shreds and ridicules PowerPoint presentations. As grouchy as he sounds, he’s absolutely right every step of the way.

    The book is beautifully designed and taught me a lot about accuracy and rigour when creating information illustrations.

    5. Rushmore

    I love director Wes Anderson’s design sense, taste in music and attention to detail, and Rushmore has to be my favourite film of his.

    Every time I watch it, I’m inspired by all the minutiae, Rushmore Academy’s insignia, Max Fischer’s calling card, the Jacques Cousteau book, Dr. Guggenheim’s office, the Perfect Attendance and Punctuality awards, everything.

    And Bill Murray’s in it, so how can you go wrong?

  5. 13 Aug 2013

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    MONOQI, a Berlin-based online design shop is featuring Textbook Example prints for a limited time.

    The Mid-Century Modern Furniture and Mid-Century Modern Homes posters are available as well as previously unreleased individual prints of the Eames Lounger, Panton S Chair, Barcelona Chair, Egg Chair and Diamond Chair.

    The prints are high quality eight-color giclée prints on beautifully textured matte archival paper.

    This is a great time to buy if you live in Germany or Europe. The sale ends August 20th.

  6. 12 Apr 2013

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    Conquer Procrastination & The Done Manifesto in the May issue of HOW magazine.

  7. 1 Apr 2013

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    Rebuilding Rome, Construction at the Coliseum, for Hemispheres magazine.

  8. 12 Mar 2013

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    A series of animations about the all-electric Mitsubishi i-MiEV for Electriphobia.com. Produced in collaboration with Secret Location and John St.

  9. 12 Mar 2013

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    Illustration about business insurance.

    (Source: textbookexample.com)

  10. 11 Mar 2013

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    A series of technology spot illustrations.

    (Source: textbookexample.com)